Friday, April 26, 2013

Renewable Energy sector:Small Scale Business Opportunities

  Renewable energy sector is now one of the leading Industrial sector in India.The increasing fossil fuel prices and the issues related to pollution makes energy one of the costly item.Renewable energy sources are the best solution for reducing the problems created by the burning of fossil fuels.As renewable energy sector ids in its initial stages,huge opportunities are awaiting for young entrepreneurs in this sector.Here we are going to understand some basic information in this field to tap the emerging business opportunities related to Renewable energy field.

  Increasing fuel prices forces the researchers to find a good alternative to fossil fuels.High rate of developments in Industrial sector also demands more energy production.But our energy production systems are running at shortage of Energy.Hydroelectric projects lacks water to produce energy.The solutions are Solar energy and Wind energy.Huge opportunities lies in these two sectors.Indian Government also supports the implementation of solar systems in houses.This makes the costs of the systems more affordable and more and more businesses are going to happen in this sector.We will discuss more about it in coming posts.. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Greenhouse Farming in India-A small scale business opportunity

 This is an excellent small scale business opportunity in Indian farming sector. Greenhouse technology is considered to be one of the leading technology which can contribute very effectively in farming business.Precision Farming and High yield production are possible through Greenhouse farming.Greenhouse farming method is well known for its effective utilization of resources.Each and every aspect of farming is monitored and controlled.So Greenhouse technology is considered to be future of Indian farming sector.Starting a business in this area will be a great step towards success.

 The land area available for farming are decreasing day by day.Even if we do farming in available land,the wastage of resources such as water,fertilizers,human efforts etc are high.This makes farming in land area not suitable for profit making.But in the case of Greenhouse farming,each and every resources are utilized very well by adopting precision farming technique.As the farming is done inside the Greenhouse shelter,the wastage of resources are less and we can control some atmospheric parameters such as Humidity,Temperature,CO2 level etc by using latest equipments.

 For an Entrepreneur to be successful in Greenhouse farming field,he should have a decent knowledge about Greenhouse technology and its related field.He should be having clear idea about what product he is going to farm inside Greenhouse shelter and how to market those products.Knowledge about various plants, Mushrooms,Vegetables etc are also added advantage.We can discuss more about Greenhouse farming in coming posts..