Saturday, October 6, 2012

Advantages of targeting specific customers

  For a Mobile retail shop to be successful,it should target a specific group of people.That group will be their primary customers.For a Handset shop near college area,college students are their priority customers.So the Handset models in that shop should be matching to the college student's interest.Below are some of the advantages of targeting a specific group of customers.

  • Targeting a specific customer groups helps to understand their needs and interests easily.
  • It will help to display customer targeted products.
  • Dead stocks will be very less.
  • Customers can easily distinguish the shop from other shops in the same field.
  • Can adapt easily to the latest trends in the field.
  • Advertisements will be more targeted.
  • It will help to avoid stocking unnecessary Handsets.
  • It will help dominate in the specific field.
  One of the important business secret is that 'To be successful in a particular field,we should target specific customers and specialize in that area'.Once well established,we can expand to other domains also.

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